In its 14th year the Trust’s primary Kiwi programme is centred around Ruapehu National Park and is focused on our national icon, the Kiwi. Based on Ngati Rangi marae at the foot of the mountain, ‘Kiwi Forever’ has a strong cultural focus, and examines the challenges the flightless Kiwi faces in its fight for survival. The programme highlights the importance of learning to work cooperatively with a variety of people, understanding the spiritual connection of Maori to the Kiwi and the personal satisfaction of helping to save endangered species. Key outcomes are:

Key Outcomes

  • Youth leadership through personal experience
  • Feedback planning and action – in a context of the Kiwi Forever programme
  • Knowledge of the biodiversity of Kiwi
  • The importance of Kiwi to Maori
  • What does it is mean to be a known as a Kiwi (person/icon)? What would be the impact if New Zealand lost its national icon?


GENESIS ENERGY joined this programme's support base in 2013 and committed to continue through to 2017. Genesis's own work on Whio has been aligned to further enrich this program.


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