Untouched World™ was born in 1995 as a certified organic wool clothing collection under parent company Snowy Peak Limited. In 1998 the global impact of the first collection demanded expansion into a full-scale sustainable lifestyle fashion brand, signalled by the opening of our first flagship store and native garden cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, which remain in the same location to this day.

It was at this point that we were challenged to create a bold vision in response to a simple question:


"How can we use business profits to create the most impact outside of the business, beyond just donating to charity?"


After two years of in-depth research, our mission was established and the  Untouched World™ Foundation was officially incorporated in September 2000.

This research shaped our core belief: educating young adults on key issues facing society, unlocking their unique leadership potential and inspiring them to become active change-makers is how we can make the most positive impact on our world.

Our very first programme ran on Blumine Island in the Marlborough Sounds in 2002, focused on developing a sanctuary for native animal and plant species at risk while eradicating pests from the island, a status we are proud to have helped achieve in 2009.

Since these early beginnings our ongoing efforts have seen us expand to four distinct programmes nationwide, developing key domestic partnerships with DoC, Rata Foundation and others, while attracting the attention of the United Nations, President Bill Clinton the Mahatma Ghandi Institute and more.


Most importantly we have engaged with over 1800 secondary and tertiary students (16-30), many of whom have gone on to become champions for a sustainable future.


Our core values of sustainability that both the Foundation and Untouched World™ clothing brand share are the result of founder Peri Drysdale's first-hand experience of the devastation caused by the fashion industry. 

Her desire was to create a brand where "fashion could become a vehicle for change" and to show the world that "you don't have to give up style, luxury and great design to be good to the planet".

We are on a constant journey to improve our business practice, continually develop our programmes and create new ways to accelerate the growth of our Foundation through Untouched World™ initiatives like the not-for-profit ProjectU™, a fun capsule collection from which 100% of profits go to the Untouched World™ Foundation.


Learn more about the clothing brand at UntouchedWorld.com